Starting Academic year 2008-2009 we can use the standard version of Visual Paradigm UML >=6.3 with the help of an academic license. The academic license is kindly provided by Visual Paradigm. For the conditions on using the academic license, see the visual paradigm website.

The license keys are available for students and staff members of Fontys Hogeschool voor Techniek en Logistiek

To download the keys you must login using your peerweb account data. If you are a registered student of staff member it is very easy to obtain authebtication.

Students use student number plus peerweb password for students, pcn+peerweb password for staff.

The license keys can be found on this server.

For UML 6.3 you need the key vp-uml 6.3

For UML 6.4 you need the key vp-uml 6.4